Ruttan Project


Location and Property Description
The Ruttan South Project occurs 23 km southeast of the Town of Leaf Rapids where, until recently, active mining and milling of base and precious metals at the 70 million ton Ruttan zinc-copper deposit had been ongoing. The property is 12 km south of the Ruttan deposit and consists of 15 claims with a total area of 3,637 hectares. The property is 100% owned by VMS Ventures.

History of Exploration
Due to the proximity of the property to the Ruttan Zn-Cu mine, a significant amount of exploration has been undertaken by major exploration companies such as Sherritt Gordon and Canadian Nickel Company Ltd. in the general area. In 1968 airborne and ground magnetic and electromagnetic methods were employed. Locally, induced polarization surveys were used. These early surveys were followed up by diamond drill campaigns that resulted in the discovery of four distinctive mineralized zones comprising primarily iron sulphide minerals (pyrite and pyrrhotite), but also lesser chalcopyrite and sphalerite. Intersections of 2% copper and 3.7% zinc were obtained over 4 m. The Manitoba Geological Survey undertook till geochemical surveys, geological mapping and detailed structural and rock geochemical studies in the project area. Federal government geologists undertook similar studies in the general area. In 2008 the Company flew airborne magnetic and electromagnetic surveys over the property.

Philosophy of VMS Ventures Exploration
The Company is exploring the Ruttan South area to discover significant base metal massive sulphide type mineralization. The proximity to the Ruttan Zn-Cu-Pb deposit and similar stratigraphic settings between the 70 million ton Ruttan deposit (2.86% Zn and 0.76% Cu) and that in the project area make this a compelling exploration target.

The Ruttan South property hosts four disseminated sulphide occurrences that comprise minor pyrite, pyrrhotite, sphalerite and chalcopyrite over a 10 km strike length. The occurrences have strong geophysical signatures. The mineralization is underlain by rhyolite and overlain by intermediate to mafic volcanic sandstones and fragmental equivalents. The sulphide mineralization is associated with sulphide and oxide facies iron formations and together with the mineralized zones comprise an exhalative system similar in many respects to the Ruttan deposit.

VMS Ventures Inc. conducted an airborne geophysical survey over the property in early 2008 using GEOTECH’s VTEM system. A number of well-defined conductors with coincident magnetic signatures were identified. Follow-up geochemical surveys and drilling are planned for the more promising electromagnetic anomalies. These anomalous geophysical responses indicate the presence of bedrock-hosted conductive metals such as copper and zinc bearing sulphide with associated gold and silver as well as the iron sulphide minerals pyrite and pyrrhotite and provide targets for follow-up exploration.

Partial and selective extraction soil geochemical surveys will be utilized to detect base and precious metal anomalies on the property.

Deposit Types
Base metal massive sulphide mineralization hosted within a sequence of volcanic rocks and exhalites are strongly indicative of volcanogenic massive sulphide type base metal depositional environments. This deposit type is present at the Ruttan Zn-Cu deposit at Leaf Rapids 12 km north of the Ruttan South project area.

Future Activities Contemplated for the Property
The company is currently compiling historical information and integration of a recent VTEM survey to augment a Mobile Metal Ion (MMI) survey which was completed in the summer of 2011.  Compilation of all data in GIS and 3D model will assist in prioritizing targets for follow-up. Historical zones, MMI and VTEM anomalies will be compiled and reviewed for deeper mineralized potential.

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