- 9 - 7 Zone Project


Location and Property Description
The 9 - 7 Zone Project is situated approximately 55 km south and west of the Town of Snow Lake where active mining and milling of base and precious metals has been ongoing for decades. The 9 - 7 Zone Project comprises 8 claims that are 100% owned by VMS Ventures with a total area of 1323 hectares. It is located just south of paved Provincial Road 39 and sits at the east edge of Leak Lake.

History of Exploration
Since 1956 junior and major explorers have flown airborne magnetic and electromagnetic surveys and undertook lesser ground geophysical surveys in the general area of the project. These surveys were necessary owing to the extensive cover of dolomite that blankets the prospective Flin Flon-Snow Lake greenstone belt in this area. Diamond drill testing of some of the conductors delineated in this manner intersected abundant iron sulphide (pyrite and pyrrhotite) with graphite. In 1985, the Manitoba Geological Survey in association with Federal and Provincial agencies undertook a regional evaluation of mafic/ultramafic intrusions in the Reed Lake-Snow Lake area. 

Philosophy of VMS Ventures Exploration
At the 9 - 7 Zone Project, chemical and clastic sedimentary rocks or “exhalites” are deposited at a stratigraphic interval that corresponds to a break in volcanism; this represents an important time-stratigraphic feature. It is at this location that base metal massive sulphide deposits are often formed. This feature is found at deposits in the Flin Flon-Snow Lake greenstone belt and in other greenstone belts worldwide. For this reason VMS Ventures has undertaken an integrated geological-geophysical-geochemical exploration program to assess the 9 - 7 Zone Project area for base metal and associated precious metal mineralization. The 9 - 7 Zone Project claim group is sub-Paleozoic, meaning that the rocks that may host nickel, copper and platinum group metals are not exposed at surface, which has frustrated traditional methods of exploration. For this reason deep-looking soil geochemical surveys have been applied to the property to prioritize drill targets. 

VMS Ventures Inc. conducted an airborne geophysical survey over the property in early 2007 using GEOTECH’s VTEM system. The modelling of airborne geophysical survey data was completed by Condor Geophysics of Denver, Colorado. A number of well-defined conductors were identified. Follow-up geochemical surveys have been undertaken and diamond drill testing of the more promising electromagnetic anomalies drilling is planned. These anomalous responses indicate the presence of bedrock-hosted conductive minerals such as copper- and zinc-bearing sulphide with associated gold and silver as well as the iron sulphide minerals pyrite and pyrrhotite, which together provide targets for follow-up exploration.

Partial extraction soil geochemical surveys detected numerous base and precious metal anomalies on the property. Multi-element base and precious metal anomalies coincident with VTEM geophysical responses will be used to focus diamond drill targets. Detailed soil sampling grids were established in the areas of elevated geochemical data from the reconnaissance survey. Samples have been interpreted and a report prepared and submitted to the Mines Branch.

Deposit Types
Base metal massive sulphide mineralization hosted within a sequence of volcanic rocks and exhalites are strongly indicative of volcanogenic massive sulphide type base metal mineralization (“VMS”). This deposit type is representative of Flin Flon belt VMS deposits including the Discovery Zone at Reed Lake.

Current Activities on the Property
A MMI report has been completed for the reconnaissance geochemical survey undertaken in 2008 and 2009, and reconnaissance soil geochemical surveys were undertaken based on interpreted picks from the company’s geophysical consultants. Anomalous responses identified from the recon stage were followed up with detailed soil sampling and results have been received and integration with geological and geophysical datasets is done.

Future Activities on the Property
Ground geophysical surveying of target areas followed by diamond drilling was completed in 2011. Soil geochemical anomalies have been documented and will be integrated with Maxwell modelled plates for drill testing. Five diamond drill holes for a total of 1,653 m tested numerous VTEM anomalies throughout the project. Assay results indicate anomalous base metal values within favourable volcanoclastics lithologies. A review of recent exploration programs will be compiled in ArcGIS and plans for future work contemplated. A review of recent exploration programs will be compiled in ArcGIS and plans for future work will be considered.

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