Golden Pine

Golden Pine

The Golden Pine property is situated in south-central Parkin Township approximately 20 km north-northeast of Capreol which is in turn 30 km north of Sudbury. Access is by paved road and logging trails. The property comprises 17 unpatented mining claims. Each 40 acre mining claim consists of 22 units. The property is host to structurally-controlled epigenetic gold-silver-pyrite-quartz-carbonate veins hosted within molybdenum and barium-enriched altered rhyolite with a significant number of base metal occurrences.

There are currently five years in assessment credits applied in advance on the Golden Pine property.

Future Activities Contemplated on the Property
The first phase of trenching has been completed on the Golden Pine project where two separate areas were mechanically stripped to expose the bedrock; a total area of 400m2 was excavated. These trenches focused on a coincident Induced Polarization geophysical anomaly and a Mobile Metal Ion geochemical anomaly over an inferred contact between granite and intermediate volcanic rocks. The MMI soil geochemistry survey is outlining bedrock-hosted gold mineralization, which has being followed-up with trenching and channel sampling (photos below).  A second trench focused on a MMI anomaly near historical zone B. Results from the first phase of channel sampling yielded assay results of up to 12.00 g/t gold over 0.50 metres. Two continuous samples averaged 11.68 g/t gold over 1.00 metre in an intermediate volcanic rock in the first trench area.

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