Terra Incognita

The Terra Incognita property is situated in Parkin Township approximately 30 km north of Sudbury and 20 km north of Capreol. The property consists of 28 unpatented mining claims comprising 41 units of 40 acres each. The geology and contained geophysical anomalies defined by historic geophysical surveys is enigmatic owing to thick overburden cover. Airborne geophysical surveys followed by soil geochemical surveys to prioritize geophysical anomalies are planned. This approach has been demonstrated to be very effective in focusing exploration on VMS Ventures' base metal massive sulphide-type properties in the Flin Flon greenstone belt in Manitoba.

Future Activities Contemplated for the Property
 A surface time-domain electromagnetic survey at Terra Incognita was completed late last winter has now been incorporated into the company's GIS database (see image below with TDEM anomaly coincident with VLF and MMI anomalies). The TDEM survey was completed by Crone Geophysics Ltd. of Mississauga, Ontario on a grid cut by a crew from the Wahnapitae First Nations. The survey covered approximately 20 line kilometres with station readings taken every 25 metres and line spacing of 100 metres. Six TDEM anomalies were outlined from this survey, with three ranked as high priority targets. Two of the high priority targets have coincident Mobile Metal Ion (MMI) geochemical anomalies and VLF geophysical conductor anomalies. Drilling is planned to test these targets in the upcoming 2013 winter drilling program.

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