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Previous exploration and government reports indicate that the Puella occurrence contains widespread pyrite mineralization and near solid laminae of pyrite, sphalerite and galena as well as minor chalcopyrite and arsenopyrite. These minerals and alteration are commonly associated with VMS type mineralization. Grab samples from trenches at the occurrence contain up to2.9% Zn and 1.9% Pb.

The Company staked additional claims in the area to cover the along strike projection on the Puella Bay mineralization, as well as the remainder of the felsic volcanic complex that hosts the known mineralization.


A Company geologist mapped a portion of the mineralization in 2007 and reports that there is extensive chlorite and sericite alteration associated with the known quartz and sulphide veins. A VTEM survey is being flown over the area in winter 2008.


Value Proposition


Geological Setting: Flin Flon - Snow Lake Greenstone Belt. Proterozoic Marine Volcanic Rocks

VMS Target: Multiple 5,000,000 Tonne (plus) Copper-Zinc deposits

World Class Deposits: Flin Flon, Manitoba (Cu, Zn, Au, Ag) 60,000,000 Tonnes

Kidd Creek, Ontario, (Cu, Pb, Zn, Au, Ag) 150,000,000 Tonnes

Value Proposition: 5,000,000 Tonnes grading 2.5% Copper equals 50 lbs/tn at price of 2.25/lb totals US$112.50/tn plus 4.5% Zinc which equals 90 lbs/tn at a price of $.70/lb totals US$63/tn for Zinc.

Total contained metal (Gross Metal Value) = $175.50 X 5,000,000=US$877 million US


(Excluding Gold and Silver credits which can be significant in these deposits)

Disclaimer: This value will, obviously, be discounted significantly, as it represents the value of metal prior

to all the costs associated with mining, but we provide it to give readers some context;


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